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Teeth Whitening Procedures

Teeth Whitening / Bleaching is a procedure that involves applying a gel containing hydrogen peroxide to the surface of the teeth for approximately one hour. Usually, a single session is sufficient and the process takes about 1 hour.

Before applying the bleaching agent to the clean tooth surface, a dental cleaning is performed on the patient, followed by selecting the desired tooth color and proceeding with the bleaching process.

To prevent the patient’s gums from feeling sensitivity, a thin layer of gum barrier is applied to the gums. Special gels are applied to cover all teeth and the process progresses in 2-3 sessions, with each session lasting 15 minutes.

After the session, the gum barrier and applied bleaching agent are removed and rinsed, completing the procedure. It is a safe method that does not harm tooth enamel, only lightens the color pigments of the tooth. Individuals with tooth wear or cracks may experience sensitivity lasting 2-3 days.

Application of fluoride and desensitizing toothpaste can alleviate these tooth complaints. After teeth bleaching, it is recommended to avoid teeth-staining foods such as tea, coffee, cigarettes, cola, and red wine.

Teeth Whitening Before & After Example

Teeth Whitening In Kusadasi Turkey

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During your Free Intake / Consultation, the Dentist will determine together with you how much whiter you would like your teeth to be and what is safely possible. In general 4 to 6 shades are safe to go for.

Of course there is a limit to how much lighter you can go. In general it should be possible to go up to 4 shades lighter than your current shade of your teeth. And up to 6 depending on the current state of your teeth.

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