Laboratory’s Leading 20 for 2023 Revealed by Laboratory!

Laboratory’s Leading 20 – The UK’s top dental technicians for 2023 have been revealed by Laboratory, the leading journal for dental technology. The list, called Laboratory’s Leading 20, recognises the skill, passion and influence of the lab community in driving innovation and excellence in the dental profession.

The list is based on nominations from the lab sector and the editorial team’s judgement. It aims to celebrate the achievements and contributions of the dental technicians and their teams, who play a crucial role in the oral health and well-being of the nation

The list comes at a time when dentistry has faced unprecedented challenges and changes due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The lab community has shown remarkable resilience and adaptability in these difficult times, as well as a constant desire to improve and innovate.

Lucy Veal, editor of Laboratory, said: ‘I’m very excited to introduce you to Laboratory’s Leading 20 for the first time ever.

‘This list is a way of acknowledging and celebrating the key players and game-changers in the dental laboratory community, which has been long overdue.

‘It was very hard to select only 20 names from such a large pool of talent and excellence.

‘I’m very proud to recognise these inspiring individuals and I hope you will join me in applauding their work.’

Here are the 20 individuals who made it to Laboratory’s Leading 20 for 2023… See the full list at, Dentistry‘s Top 50

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Dental Innovations Recent Years update 2023

In recent years, the dental industry has witnessed several innovative advancements. Here are some notable trends and developments:

  1. Growth in cosmetic dentistry: The demand for cosmetic dental treatments has been on the rise. Treatments such as teeth whitening and veneers have gained popularity as people become more conscious of their appearance1.
  2. Digital dentistry boost: Digitalization has played a significant role in the growth of the dental industry. Innovations such as 3D printing and artificial intelligence have improved the quality of treatments, streamlined workflows, and enhanced the overall patient experience1.
  3. Innovation in the dental sector: 3D printing: 3D printing has revolutionized various industries, including dentistry. It allows for accurate and efficient production of dental parts, such as aligners, crowns, and bridges1.
  4. The Artificial Intelligence boom: Artificial intelligence (AI) is making its mark in dentistry. AI-powered technologies assist in diagnosis, treatment planning, and patient management1.

These are just a few examples of the many innovations transforming the field of dentistry. The continuous advancements in technology promise a brighter future for dental care. Your Kusadasi Dentist keeps up with the latest technologies, news and trends.

Please note that this information is based on industry trends and research12345.